The Bolinas Civic Group works to provide resources to various groups and citizens working on community focused projects to connect and share information with the public, and provide a place for these conversations and engagement to live. Through a number of various tools, BCG provides a framework for your project and the greater community to be successful in its goals. 


The Bolinas Civic Group is a community focused non-profit group that builds tools and process to support community engagement, communication and planning resources for the Bolinas Community. It supports all endeavors, and has no stance or opinions on any project, and provides a platform for any group or person that wishes to promote or engage with the public on community led initiatives. 

The Bolinas Civic Group was started on February, 2nd 2023, and is in the process of ramping up its efforts and organization. The group is being led by Will Bartlett, who is donating his time and energy to build a framework for community, communication and engagement. 

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to support the efforts of the Bolinas Civic Group, visit our donate page. 

If you have any questions about the Bolinas Civic Group, you can contact Will Bartlett directly at will@bolinascivicgroup.org 

Connect With Us

What We Do

Community Meeting Announcements and Updates

Through the site, Community Meetings have a home to share upcoming dates and meeting details, as well as provide a place to share agendas, and outcomes. This effort is to help centralize details and information, and share appropriate and valuable information to the community. As much of the structure and engagement on community meetings is led by an ad-hoc and "free' approach to structure, having a home for this information becomes a valuable resource for engagement and followup. 

Project Pages

For projects that currently do not have a presence on the web, BCG provides a place for projects to provide information, updates, and was to connect to the project. These pages can be managed directly by the project teams and can provide valuable information to the community. 

If a project already has a presence on the web, these pages can also be a landing page to provide project information and a redirection to the main project or entity site.

Media and Marketing

The Bolinas Civic Group can assist in the creation of assets to support engagement with your project. The Bolinas Civic Group partners with various community entities such as The Yes Collective and the Mesa Press to provide graphic design, printing, and media services to support your projects goals. 


Calendaring and Scheduling

Along with the creation of email groups that manage the various types of engagement in your project, you can also leverage calendaring to plan meetings and schedule events. People can subscribe to both public and internal calendars which can show up in their own calendars to stay connected.  

Email Groups

Connecting with people who want to be engaged in your project can be challenging. To support connecting with the public, BCG can create email addresses that will funnel people to your group. These email addresses can then be monitored by one or more individuals to followup up and then move people into dedicated email groups to collaborate and plan. 

For example: "potential-project-connect@bolinascivicgroup.org" would be an address that the general public could send an email to connect with a project.

Once engaged, a project lead could then reach out to the individual, and determine how they wanted to be involved. For instance, if they wanted to be involved in planning and working directly on the project, they could be added to a moderated discussion group called "potential-project-discussion@bolinascivicgroup.org" 

If someone was interested in a project, but just wanted to be informed of project updates, and or status, they could be added to a group called "potential-project-updates@bolinascivicgroup.org"

These email groups can all be managed by a single core group of project leads, which can be created to help facilitate engagement, and they could added to a group called "potential-project-core@bolinascivicgroup.org"

The basis for much of the design of these groups and project engagement ideas is derived from the RACI model. Which provides a framework for providing participation in cross-functional projects and processes. 

Responsible:  "potential-project-planning@bolinascivicgroup.org"

Accountable: "potential-project-core@bolinascivicgroup.org"

Consulted:  "potential-project-discussion@bolinascivicgroup.org" 

Informed: "potential-project-updates@bolinascivicgroup.org"