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The mission of the Bolinas Civic Group is to focus on communication, engagement, and support for the citizens of Bolinas who wish to collaborate in an open or closed forum. The Bolinas Civic Group is a platform for all citizens and has no membership requirements, or dues, or opinions.  It is simply a way for us to work together. The Bolinas Civic Group takes no stance on any project and encourages everyone in the community to dream, plan, create and promote community focused projects. 

Community Announcements  

We are constantly updating this web page with new projects and initiatives, but these recently added items reflect time sensitive and important community announcements directly related to civic endeavors and activities.  If you would like to  have your announcement promoted here, please fill out the Announcement Form.

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Bolinas 4th of July 

Dear good town!

On the 4th of July, there will be a lot of beach and an incoming tide when the Tug o’ War starts at 9am. Roads will be closed from 8am to late afternoon. All traffic will be restricted but emergency vehicles, floats (before 10:30!), those with disability, and people who live downtown and need to get to their homes. During the parade, the roads are shut down completely: 10:30 to 12:30pm. Thank you volunteers for making this possible! Volunteers will be directing cars to park at Mesa Park for $10. Stops will be at the Mesa Road-Olema-Bolinas intersection (top of Finney’s); Top of Terrace at Overlook; and at Brighton-Wharf.

Thanks to the Bolinas-Stinson School, there will be a shuttle from Mesa Park to downtown all day except for when it’s in the parade (!). Floats should get down to Wharf by 10:30 at the latest. Thanks again to volunteers, the yummy BBQ opens at 10am until 2pm, with slow-cooked pulled pork sandwiches, meatless burgers and burgers, hot dogs and brownies.

T-Shirts with this year’s Tug design by Oliver Whitcroft will also be on sale until they run out, kid sizes too. Thank you to all of the local businesses and orgs you’ll see on the shirt, for sponsoring!

Beach games for kids will start up on Brighton after the parade, and a Skipping Race will start at 1pm from the Hardware Store to Brighton Beach. Sign up if you want to compete in the Pickleball and Volleyball tournaments that follow the Skipping, by emailing

Big thanks go out to our Bolinas and Stinson Fire Departments and our local Sheriff and CHP, for working together to keep us all safe and happy and NOT on fire. Remember: no fireworks, and let’s keep our beaches and town awesome by picking up after the dopes who litter.

Very best from Megan Matson, Lisa Herbert, Emmy Luchetti, Harriet Moss, and the rest of the Briones Lions Club organizers and volunteers.

P.S. You don’t need wheels to be a parade float: welcome dancers, artists, activists, poster-makers, musicians, local groups—let’s have some fun!

July Community Meeting Canceled

Hello Dear Community, 

We've been having a great run of community meetings over the last year, but guess what, it's summer and it's time to enjoy the weather, the beautiful days and take some time for ourselves. We'll get back to it in August with our community updates, community talks, community conversations, and all the great stuff. Thanks to everyone for keeping the civics moving in Bolinas, we got this.  

What does "civic" mean?

The term "civic" relates to the duties, rights, and responsibilities of citizens within a community or society. It encompasses activities, attitudes, and behaviors that contribute to the functioning and improvement of a community, such as participation in public affairs, engagement in local government, and the promotion of the common good. In essence, being civic-minded involves being actively involved in and concerned with the well-being of one's community.

See you in August,

Will Bartlett

Executive Director

Bolinas Civic Group

June Community Meeting

Bolinas a Float

Hello Neighbors, 

At this month's community meeting we are going to take a look at all the things that keep us afloat. In our efforts to keep our community up to date and aware of efforts, and engaged in what's next, we'll be revisiting a bunch of topics from the last few months.

First, let's revisit the Wye project. Veronica from the County will update the conversation on the Wye project that is rebuilding the intersection into town. Get updates on the project timelines, what to expect, and when to expect it. We'll then dip into the Bolinas Sea Rise Initiative, with new designs, new data, and some tools to visualize what the rising seas will do to our downtown - and when. 

Coming back around to the topic of aging in our community, Marin Health and Human Services and local engaged citizens will be presenting some ideas to the question of "how do we thrive as a community as we age?" and what resources and things are in place for us. 

And speaking of services, we'll have Marin Transit provide an update on the new shuttle service between Point Reyes Station, Olema, and Bolinas. We'll also have a quick update on the efforts to track the visitors into town during these busy summer months.

And lastly, in the spirit of keeping things afloat, we'll have some announcements and sign up opportunities for the Briones Lion's 4th of July Parade.

If you would like to make an announcement at the meeting please sign up here!

So please join us on June 12th, at 7pm at the Bolinas Community Center and online, for an informative evening of community engagement.

See you then, 

Will Bartlett

Executive Director

Bolinas Civic Group

May Community Meeting

Stewards of the land and sea? Let's talk about it. 

And let's also hear some super local speakers talk about projects and prgorams that are happening!

Survey on Aging in Bolinas 

The Bolinas Civic Group is working on collecting information from the community about its needs wants and desires for itself and the community as it ages. This information will be shared with local and County groups, to help determine the existing resources and potentially new avenues the community can take to help itself and each other as we get older. Take the Survey!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the meeting yesterday!  Here are some links:





Civic Soup - Bolinas Sea Rise Initiative

Thanks Everyone for coming out!

Wednesday,  March 27th 5-8pm Coast Cafe

The Bolinas Civic Group will be hosting a Civic Soup event on Wednesday March 27th from 5-8pm at the Coast Cafe. Civic Soup events are hosted quarterly and are an opportunity to dig deeper in projects and initiatives and directly connect, converse and collaborate with community members working on shared objectives.

This month the Civic Soup will be focused on the Bolinas Sea Rise Initiative, created by Steve Matson to take a look at the impacts of climate change on downtown Bolinas, and what might be done to address the rising seas, and the tasks and effort required to achieve this objective. This is a bold and complex project, and will require a host of skills and talents. The community is invited to soup, and bring their capacity to be involved. 

Spring Forward! March Community Meeting!

Hello Everyone!

It's that time of the year, when things start blooming and blossoming and this months community meeting is a testament to that! So much going on, so much to be informed about, so much is popping off! Join us on March 13th at 6pm, at the Bolinas Community Center and online on Zoom. 

We have some great announcements from the community about Earth Day festivities, some new county initiatives that could use your input as a community and some larger ideas and plans being driven from inside our community about what to do next. 

We'll hear updates and announcements from BCLT, The Lions Club, West Marin Rotary. Community members speaking to matters of thoughtful civics. Happenings in the Post Office and a followup on the impacts of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise. 

Following this month's meeting KWMR will be hosting a focus group, and we are hoping that this after-meeting-gathering can be the start of more Q/A and meet and greet types of interactions, to increase the civic discourse!

Don't forget about our upcoming Civic Soup on March 27th from 5-8 in which Steve Matson and others will be hosting a deeper conversation about Sea Level Rise and the impact to Bolinas, with participants from various entities, and how we as a community might be able to begin moving forward on addressing this  issue. 

Spring forward indeed. 

- Will Bartlett

Executive Director

Bolinas Civic Group

Bolinas Social and Civic Calendar

There is a new community maintained social and civic calendar now on the website that hosts various social gatherings and civic related events. If you are interested in having your social event listed or have a group that would like to meet, or even board meeting for various entities, please contact us.  This calendar is open to the public and is for everyone in the community to know what is happening!

Ongoing Active Projects

Bolinas Sea Rise Initiative 

A group has formed to find out what the Waterhouse Complex could become. Check out the project page to find out what is going on. Send an email to get involved.

Save the Post Office

In the beginning of March the USPS closed the Bolinas Post Office.  

A group of individuals is working to Save the Bolinas Post Office and keep the 94924 Post Office in Bolinas forever.

Get involved in the effort to keep the Bolinas Post Office in Bolinas. Go to the project page to find details on letter writing and upcoming events. 

West Marin Community Pool

There are a number of individuals working to build a community pool in Bolinas and would love for people to get involved. Find out how to get connected to them by checking out the project page below. 

Eucalyptus Project

Bolinas Eucalyptus Project (BEP) is working to address the problem of hazardous trees. Recognizing the need to take action against the dangerous conditions associated with the massive roadside eucalyptus stands


The Bolinas Civic Group provides resources for community members  to promote and communicate their projects to the greater community and general public. We also provide ways for community members to connect and engage with various community led projects. 

Learn more and find ways to connect on the Projects page. 

Potential Projects List

Get Involved

If you have an idea for a project, or something you would like help in promoting, or ideas about what the Bolinas Civic Group could do or do better, send an email to and we'll connect with you directly. 

If you want to join the effort in promoting communication in via the Bolinas Civic Group, or if you have any questions about what we do,  please reach out via email to 

This website was started by Will Bartlett, with input from other community members, as a tool to bridge the gaps in the way that projects in Bolinas get started, collaborate, share, and promote themselves. The goal is to provide resources such as email groups, information storage, and scheduling to help groups collaborate and communicate with the communty and the public. 

You can contact Will directly at