April 2024

April 2024 Community Meeting 

April  10th, 2024 - 7:00-8:30pm

Bolinas Community Center and Online - Zoom Link

Bolinas in Bloom!

April  Community Meeting

Hello Community,


Ok, don't forget, and tell your friends. This month we'll be changing things up, in more ways than one!

First off we've decided to flip the script so to speak and start with our BCG Projects first. Updates to the Post Office that I'm sure will reaffirm the Bolinas commitment to the return of a viable Post Office in town, followed up by details about getting involved with the 4th of July planning. We'll then move on to Community Speakers, where we have an update from the Eucalyptus Project and then a compelling presentation from Darksky West Marin, in celebration of International Dark Sky Week. We'll move on to community announcements, so if you have anything you would like to share at the meeting, please reach out using our form HERE

The meeting format has evolved since we started, but has always maintained its core tenants of being structured, civil and actionable. And as the community has been a core driver of the design, I have been listening to you, and know there is a component that some members of the community feel has been lacking. So, as I mentioned last month, the idea of a Q/A with presenters at the end of the meeting, seemed to be a good way to embrace what is already happening naturally, and I was planning on that, but then something struck me! I wanted to ask some questions! So, something new, something emerging, and this is the first installment of what we are calling Community Talks. 

So to preface the conversation, I'd like to share a thought. As time passes, and the years go by, our capacity changes, and we do our best to adapt, sometimes alone and sometimes with others.  This months Community Talk asks the question to the community: "As we get older in Bolinas, what do we need, want, and desire for ourselves, and our community so that we can continue to thrive". And with this question we'll hear from Stephanie Crawford a Hospice Nurse and Death Doula who deals with the last stages of life, and has a lot of perspective to share. 

We'll then open the conversation, in a structured way of course, to share  thoughts and ideas. So if you're in person at the community center, or online on Zoom, we'll all have a chance to engage. After all that, we'll take a quick break and return for a Q/A with anyone and everyone who sticks around. 

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you there!

- Will Bartlett

Executive Director

Bolinas Civic Group