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Elected officials visit Bolinas to address yearlong gap in adequate USPS services. 

Written by Aenor Sawyer - 03/05/2024

Congressman Huffman and Supervisor Rodoni visited Bolinas yesterday morning to assess and support the return of the Post Office to Bolinas. Per Congressman Huffman, USPS officials were invited ahead of time, but they declined the meeting, reportedly due to proximity to an election. This visit was confirmed on short notice so we give many thanks to the Bolinas Post Office group, agency reps, and towns people who worked to make it possible. Many thanks are also showered upon Jenny Callaway and Fernando Barreto (from the Congressman’s and Supervisors’s office respectively) who have worked tirelessly on our behalf over this past year and are persevering with us. Congressman Huffman and Supervisor Rodoni first toured the Olema Post Office and then made the long drive to Bolinas to experience the challenging daily journey that our community faces to access our limited postal services. 

In Bolinas, they toured the prior Bolinas Post Office site and reviewed the history of the Bolinas PO that Elia Haworth prepared for the Museum. Finally they visited Mesa Park and reviewed the Mesa Park Post Office Plan that is still under review with USPS. At Mesa Park they were joined by Marin County Director of Public Health, Dr Matt Willis, and some representatives from Bolinas who articulated the various hardships endured since the closure of the Post Office in Bolinas over a year ago. The public officials also provided an overview of work underway by their offices to bring the Bolinas Post Office back and stated emphatically that this is a necessity that they plan to ensure it happens. 

Congressman Huffman, Supervisor Rodoni and Dr Willis came away with the following points: 

Both of these viable options have been presented to USPS by Congressman Huffman who will be following up again to insist on accelerating the process. 

Thank you ALL who have contributed to this effort over the past year. There is renewed hope that the 160 year history of the Bolinas Post Office will soon begin again. (Elia saved space in the PO exhibit for our “new chapter”!)

Please send an email regarding issues with the Bolinas Post Office  that have HAPPENED TO YOU DIRECTLY to our Senator at this address :

Help the Post Office Team!

We could use your help in data collection to help us better understand the impact of the USPS's actions. Please fill out the following forms, as the information you provide may help us take further actions.  

BCG Post Office Report - Oct. 18, 2023

John Borg / Save Bolinas Post Office

The complete overview is located here. 


This report provides an update on the Bolinas Post Office situation. It covers key facts, issues with the Mesa Park plan, efforts to document mismanagement, and questionable decisions by postal officials.

Mesa Park Plan:

Our goal is to establish an interim postal facility at Mesa Park. However, the plan faced unexpected delays due to new size requirements from USPS. We're working to resolve this with limited response from USPS.

Documenting Mismanagement:

In addition to reopening the post office, we're documenting mismanagement and degraded service. We're seeking citizen input to support further investigation.

Questionable Decisions & Patterns:

We've observed poor performance, mismanagement, and delays among local Postal Service representatives. We're investigating further issues.

Engagement Stalled:

We're pressing for more urgency from USPS in securing a new permanent post office in Bolinas. Recent developments have prompted us to address criticisms and concerns more directly.

Transparency and Actions:

We urge USPS to provide clear timelines and focus on expediting our interim facility plan before considering other changes. We're preparing for potential actions if needed.

Moving Back to Olema:

The closure has now lasted 230 days, with mail pickup moved back to Olema. Some citizens risk losing their PO Boxes due to poorly communicated decisions, requiring further investigation.

Community Plans Facing Resistance and Delays:

Despite our dedicated efforts, including a viral petition with over 1700 signatures, letters, meetings, and support from officials, we've faced resistance in our mission to restore the Bolinas Post Office. We've presented a flexible interim facility plan, but it has been met with a push for "home delivery" solutions.

Unresolved Lease Dispute:

We question whether the postal service did enough to resolve the lease dispute that led to the closure. The lack of clear information and public engagement has been frustrating. We wonder why the USPS hasn't acted more urgently.

Mismanagement and Priorities:

Our postmaster's emphasis on "home delivery" and cluster boxes has complicated our efforts. We believe these alternatives should only be considered after our interim facility plan is on track. There's a pattern of mismanagement and questionable decisions.

Cluster Boxes Raise Concerns:

The postmaster's push for cluster boxes could jeopardize the return of our post office. We've been assured otherwise, but we invite citizens to review our proposal. Division and disinformation are not reflective of the majority's stance.

Undermined Interim Facility Plan:

Our detailed Mesa Park Interim Facility plan received positive feedback from USPS officials and was nearing lease approval. However, it was inexplicably put on hold, causing significant setbacks.

Mishandled Lease Dispute:

The USPS could have negotiated with more urgency to stay in the original Post Office building.

There was never a formal eviction notice or process.

The departure plan seemed to be in the works before the closure was announced.

Lack of full and timely disclosure about the lease dispute and discussions.

Not Informing Superiors About Real Estate Challenges:

The postmaster may not have properly informed superiors about the lack of viable real estate options in Bolinas before the move-out.

Mishandling Transition to Olema and Stinson Beach:

Inadequate public notice of the closure.

No clearly identified alternative location.

Frequent changes in the post office's location.

A high degree of returned mail and packages.

Discontinuation of Post Office Boxes:

Poorly handled cancellation of post office boxes.

Some patrons questioned paying for PO boxes when home delivery or physical PO boxes were not available.

Cancellation of boxes with inadequate or ineffective warnings.

Withholding or Delaying Information:

Key information may have been purposely delayed or withheld from the public.

Inconsistent and unclear communication.

Misleading responses to inquiries.

Not Supporting Community Consensus Plan:

The postmaster did not support the community's plan for an Interim Facility at Mesa Park.

Potential undermining or lack of support for community plans.

Forcing Agenda and Handling of Home Delivery:

Emphasis on cluster boxes and home delivery.

Inconsistencies in home delivery requests.

Questionable handling of home delivery requests.

Performance Failures of Postmaster's Duties:

Failure to meet fundamental performance obligations.

Inadequate problem-solving and resolution of issues.

Lack of responsive customer service.

Failure to provide clear and accurate information.

Failure to escalate critical issues.

Next Steps

1) Revised Interim Facility Plan: We provided the revised interim facility plan to USPS officials via Congressman Huffman. We are waiting for reengagement. Despite recent setbacks, we’re still hopeful that our plan will be executed. However, if we do not get proper engagement soon, we will consider other actions that will elevate our documented concerns to higher levels of oversight within the USPS and the executive level of the federal government.

2) Data Collection: As noted, we are looking to collect and consolidate more data regarding any service complaints, grievances, or personal accounts of mismanagement, incompetence, misinformation, inconsistent information, or questionable behavior by any of the operational people involved in the Bolinas post office. We appreciate any information you can provide.

3) Survey on Post Office Box Renewal: We have also created a survey to understand impacts and opinion regarding the way our post office box renewal has been handled. There are forms that we can fill out on the BCG website.

4) Online Complaint Forms: We urge you to use online complaint forms with the USPS - although the complaints appear to be a dead end at the district level, with answers implying issue resolve, but it is still good to rack them up.

5) Community Involvement: If there are any residents who have the bandwidth to help us on taking this to the next level, if needed, please reach out to us. We can find a role for just about anybody.

6) Potential Actions: We are prepared to explore various potential actions if necessary, including:

Bolinas Interim P.O.- NEW FACTS 

The facts we know: The Mesa Park Interim Bolinas PO plan was developed, scoped, sized and approved by an assigned team of USPS real estate, facilities snd architect officials with whom we worked closely for months.

As you also know the plan was inexplicably stopped suddenly, just weeks before lease signing.

And now for some NEW FACTS:  we were just notified in the past 2 days that there is a new size requirement from USPS that the original plan did not meet. However these new sq footage requirements can be met in a revised plan which we are preparing immediately!

This information and opportunity came to us thanks to the incredible unwavering support from Congressman Huffman and Supervisor Rodoni's offices. Through their efforts real hope for the Interim PO at Mesa Park has been reignited! Congressman Huffman met with the USPS officials this week to advocate for our community plan.

 The good news is that the door is not shut. The USPS is still willing to work with us on the Interim Bolinas PO plan. We sent written notice to USPS officials yesterday to let them know we are 100 % willing to work with them on revisions as needed. We also requested a meeting with appropriate USPS planning collaborators to ensure successful alignment with USPS facilities needs.

On another note, per Congressman Huffman’s office, USPS officials again emphasized their ongoing commitment to a permanent physical PO in Bolinas - and for that update we are also grateful. 

We realize the Interim PO is not an instant solution to the greater hardships posed by the return to Olema and have not been provided an explanation as to why the town’s wishes are not honored on this.

However, finally getting the new Interim PO requirements AND the opportunity to resubmit the plan make it much more likely that we will have a physical PO back in Bolinas in months, rather than the years it will take to stand up a permanent PO in Bolinas.

We will keep updating you about the Interim PO effort in the most timely and factual way possible 

 For all you Sports Fans… seems if they move the goal posts we just have to kick harder!

More to report soon. 

Have a great weekend!

Bolinas community PO Working Group. 

September 23rd 2023

Dear Bolinas Community,

We have had months of steady progress and multiple expressions of commitment (from District and Regional USPS) to returning our PO to Bolinas, starting with the installation of the Mesa Park Interim Bolinas Post Office. A few days ago, on the brink of securing a signed lease with USPS, we suddenly received a message from our USPS collaborators that the Mesa Park Interim PO may be at risk.  THIS IS BY NO MEANS A DEAD END, but it is certainly concerning and requires urgent community action (see steps taken below).

Immediately upon receiving this information just days ago, our committee engaged our District and Regional USPS reps and our elected officials. In one day, Congressman Huffman and Supervisor Rodoni’s offices connected with District, Regional and National USPS representatives to re-iterate the urgent need for an interim physical full-service PO in Bolinas as described in the USPS-vetted Mesa Park plan, which is ready to be stood up.

This sudden “additional review” of the Bolinas project by USPS is a total surprise to us and also to our USPS collaborators. It coincides with the reopening of the Olema PO, which may have created confusion. As you are aware: 1) the Olema PO site has inadequate space, 2) is not reachable by non-driving Bolinas citizens and has no public transportation, 3) is not truly ADA accessible, and 4) is very prone to flooding. We have made it abundantly clear that this is NOT a substitute for the urgently needed interim PO in Bolinas and the restoration of a longterm permanent PO in Bolinas.

The District and Regional USPS Representatives again stated this week that they strongly support the proposed Interim PO installation at Mesa Park and the restoration of a longterm permanent PO in Bolinas. 

This is definitely a challenging journey, but it is not beyond the numerous historical precedents of Bolinas stepping up to provide for its community needs. 

We anticipate the prior lessons of creative problem-solving, team efforts and a joint community voice, will once again deliver a success in this current endeavor - to restore our Post Office to Bolinas and build on its 160 year legacy. 

Thank you to each of you in your role to make this happen.


-The Bolinas Post Office Committee 

Hi Neighbors,

Positive Bolinas Post Office Update: Last week, the full Marin County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution recognizing the critical importance of a post office in Bolinas, and encouraging USPS officials to support and expedite our community plan for an interim facility, while a longer-term permanent new location is established. The resolution was written by local citizens and sponsored by Supervisor Rodoni. The document is attached in 3 images. A copy has been sent by Marin County to the Postmaster of the United States, the head of USPS West Coast operations, the head of USPS for Marin and San Francisco, the current Bolinas postmaster, our Congressional Rep. Huffman, U.S. Sen. Feinstein and U.S. Sen. Padilla. Further, USPS officials are taking our interim plan very seriously. We can’t report much publicly yet, but the USPS has already visited the proposed interim facility site. We shall see how the next few weeks play out in terms of our next collective move. We have not prevailed yet, and it could take way more time, but momentum is on our side. We have overwhelming support from our community, local elected officials, and have clearly reached and impacted decision makers with our grassroots campaign. Thanks everyone for the work, and stay tuned. More to come…

John Borg June 28th 2023

Save the Bolinas Post Office!

A group of individuals is working to Save the Bolinas Post Office and keep the 94924 Post Office in Bolinas forever. You can help by signing the petition, joining the letter writing campaign, and helping with events to raise awareness of the issue!  We need everyones support to keep the information and communication flowing. 

Here is our 3-part demand mantra:

Get Connected!

The Postal Hound says, "Get connected with others working on saving the post office! Keep the 94924 Post Office in Bolinas forever!"

Send an email to the group

The full Marin County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution June 20 to expedite return of Post Office to Bolinas. It was written by Bolinas citizens and sponsored by Sup. Rodoni.

Bolinas Post Office Reso.pdf

Missing, Lost, Returned Mail?! Concerns?!

The Postal Hound also says, "Contact the USPS Customer Service reps!"  The more documented customer service calls that are made for these issues the better.  

Email: USPS® Customer Service

Call: 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777)

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 8:30 PM ET

Saturday 8 AM - 6 PM ET

If you have a real big concern, or information that would be difficult to share with the above links reach out, and we'll provide a contact at USPS to express your concerns directly.

Letter Writing Campaign

We hope to get hundreds of letters to  the Post Office Official in charge or our district over the next few weeks. Letters will support the USPS system, mailed to our key leadership target, Ms. Raj Sanghera, who is head of USPS for San Francisco and Marin. If you can write the letters, with our help, we can collect and mail them, or you can mail them yourselves.

This may seem a bit out there, but we want to take a different approach that reflects our culture. Art inspires change so we have concept of doing artwork on the envelopes of every letter we send to public officials. This added human touch will raise awareness, influence action, and drive our goals in a beautiful way. Letters need to state clear goal - a temporary facility in Mesa Park, and highlight the urgency and burden on our town. 

Instructions on what to include can be found HERE.

Individuals can send letters directly, but it would be beneficial if we could collect all letters and make multiple copies to distribute to the press and to multiple decisions makers. Please send photos of the art envelopes and letters to : before you send them!







We want the letters to be a sucsess, but also to make it thorugh the mail system. We have some details on what to include to make sure everything that needs to be read can be on the link below. 



Save the Bolinas Post Office Music, Art & Community Action Rally 

On Brighton Ave, 12pm May 20th 2023

A peaceful, spirited and community-driven Bolinas-Style public rally to Save the Bolinas Post Office is being planned for Saturday, May 20, noon on Brighton Avenue. 

Please save the date. The event will include live music, artwork, hand-made signs, speakers, project updates, and actions you can take. We hope the whole town will show up and bring its positive energy. We plan to express our viewpoints visually, verbally and artistically, have a bit of fun, and secure favorable press coverage to help elevate our issue and garner more attention among decision-makers who matter most. More updates to come.

Sign the petition

On March 3rd, 2023 the Bolinas Post Office was closed. This sign keeps a running total of the number of days since the Bolinas Post Office was closed. 

OpEd on Bolinas Post Office Closure and Community Response  - Point Reyes Light April 13, 2023

Presentation with community poll data presented on March 8th