Community Meetings

Next Community Meeting: March  13th 2024 @ 6pm - Bolinas Community Center and ONLINE!

Everyone is Invited!


The Bolinas Civic Group hosts a monthly community meeting in person and online on the second Wednesday of each month. In collaboration with the Bolinas Community Center, these meetings are provided to the citizens of Bolinas to come together, be informed and get engaged in the community. The meetings are held at the community center located at 14 Wharf Rd in Bolinas. The  Zoom link for the meetings is made available on this website and all of the meetings are recorded and then made available to watch online after the meeting.  The meeetings also provide realtime English to Spanish translations available over wireless headsets, and the ability for Spanish speaking participants to have digital translation presented over the room. 


The meetings are designed to provide a vehicle for community collaboration and follow a general structure that showcases announcements, speakers, and projects with an opportunity for citizens to engage in conversation both in person and Zoom.  Starting with Announcements, individuals from the community can promote future events, happenings, and information about initiatives that are valuable to the citizens of Bolinas.  We work with various individuals, groups and agencies to curate and present content that range from local infrastructure projects to current community issues. These Community Speakers often present new projects, ongoing initiatives or general updates to the community.  The Community Projects presentations are often larger and longer components of the meeting, that generally are BCG facilitated projects. These Community Project presentations are rich with information, media and updates to the community about the ongoing work. Lastly, we want to keep the community up to date and engaged, so BCG will often present updates, new initiatives, or larger strategy to support ongoing community engagement and goals. We often provide details on ways to followup, polls, and other information that is relevant to the current agenda and speakers. The meetings have a robust attendance both in person and online and we encourage everyone in the community to attend. Everyone is invited!


The BCG seeks to provide the widest range of topics and engagement and is always looking to include anyone in the community who wishes to share or promote a project or topic of importance. The mission of the BCG is to provide a platform for the community to communicate and engage in any civic related topic, and encourages and supports any and all in the community who wish to connect with the citizens of Bolinas. If you are interested in presenting a topic or would like to find out more, please send an email to with some details and we'll get you looped in. 

Getting Involved

We are also looking for more community members to be involved in the hosting and curation of the meetings themselves. If you are interested in being a part of the process, or have any thoughts or feedback on the community meetings, please reach out to 

Upcoming Meeting

March 13th Agenda 

Past Meetings

Febuary 14th Agenda 

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