Equity Statement

At the Bolinas Civic Group (BCG), our mission is anchored in a dedication to nurturing open communication, active engagement, and unwavering support for every individual within our diverse community. We recognize that systemic marginalization takes many forms, extending beyond the realms of race, economic status, age, and physical ability.

We acknowledge the inherent biases within each of us—conscious or unconscious—that shape our interactions and perspectives. Embracing an ongoing journey of self-discovery, we aim to understand these biases to foster a deeper sense of mutual respect and to inform more enlightened community action.

We are committed to disrupting systemic patterns of discrimination and exclusion in all their forms. By offering platforms and resources to empower each individual's voice, we aim to diversify the collective decision-making process and nurture a community where everyone feels valued and included.

Zero Tolerance for Discrimination: We unconditionally condemn any forms of unrecognized racism, bias, or indifference within our community. We are committed to maintaining a space where such actions are called out and addressed transparently. Our commitment to integrity is unwavering, and any behaviors that run counter to our equity statement will be actively confronted and will not be tolerated.

We celebrate the myriad of experiences and perspectives within our community and anticipate that our commitment to inclusivity will not only strengthen local bonds but also serve as a template for other communities striving for equity.

To sum it up, equity for us is not a destination but a continual journey of empathy, learning, and dynamic action. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone—without exception—feels acknowledged, respected, and part of something greater than themselves.