May 2023

May 2023 Community Meeting - Announcements, Speakers, Projects, More!

May,  10th, 2023 - 6pm 

Bolinas Community Center and Online

Hello Everyone, 

Due to some technical issues this meeting was not recorded. However we did put together a report from the community gathering some feedback and thoughts. Talk to members of the community and find out what they thought! We'll publish a detailed agenda and some notes. 

Thank you for your continued engagement. 

- Will Bartlett


Meeting Details

This months meeting will start off with a new Community Announcements section, which provides an opportunity for folks to promote an upcoming event, effort, or initiative. If you have something you want to get out there, fill out the SIGN UP form.

The Community Speakers portion will provide short updates and information relevant to the community and we are expecting to have representatives from a number of groups, including Marin Health and Humans Services, the Bolinas Community Land Trust, The Bolinas Eucalyptus Project and more. If you are interested in presenting at an upcoming Community Meeting, please send an email to 

This months Community Projects portion will receive updates and information about the Post Office Plan, talk about some of the efforts that have been ongoing, and some updates and information about next steps. There is a lot here to cover! 

Finally we'll finish up with some BCG updates, and Next Steps. We really appreciate all the ongoing engagement from the community. It has been exciting and incredible to witness so many people getting involved across the town, having conversations, and connecting about things that matter to them. The Bolinas Civic Group's mission is to provide means for everyone in the community to collaborate and communicate, and is open to all projects and ideas. If you want to get involved, or would like to discuss how the BCG can support your community focused goals, reach out to me directly via email