Bolinas Civic Soup

Next Civic Soup - TBD!

Thank you everyone for attending. The conversations had helped solidify the science, the approach, and needs of the community to take action on Sea Level Rise in Bolinas. More information on the progress of the BSRI will be published to the Sea Level Rise Project page. 

You can email to get involved. 

Our next Civic Soup will focus on Sea Level Rise and the impact to our community with members of the group working on planning what we as a community can do. We invite all everyone who has an interest, intent and a focus in this area to join and communicate what they can offer this effort and to eat some delicious soup!

About Civic Soup

The Civic Soup is a collaborative event that brings together focused members of the community to discuss and collaborate on issues that align with the community defined priorities. This event offers a chance to meet with members of the community, county staff and others working together to plan and define what needs to be done, and how to do it. 

These events are hosted quarterly, and are located at The Coast Cafe at 46 Wharf Road, Bolinas, CA They provide delicious vegan soup and we greatly appreciate the donation of their resources to support Bolinas Civic Group and the community.