Rotary Announcements

1. Local Action:  Marin County Transit survey for West Marin open till March 29.

Background: Marin Transit is seeking feedback from current riders and those in need of expanded mobility options in West Marin, especially older adults and those with disabilities. Marin Transit has initiated a rider survey to collect feedback from riders. Feedback collected through this survey will allow us to improve existing programs such as the Stagecoach Route 61 or 68, the Marin Access Shuttle program, the TRIP volunteer driver program, and consider offering new programs to better serve community members in West Marin. Your feedback is important! Make sure to click through to the end of the survey to be entered in the raffle to win one of three $100 Amazon Gift Cards.

For assistance or to complete the survey by phone, contact the Travel Navigators at (415) 454-0902 (select language option and then option 1 for Travel Navigators). 

Let's see about getting back the West Marin Stagecoach between Bolinas and Point Reyes Station!

2. Local and Statewide Action: upcoming CPUC online hearings about two ATT applications on 

March 19, 2pm: 

March 19, 6pm:

The CPUC website has a tab marked Public Comment


ATT is asking California Public Utilities Commission to approve two Applications: one would allow them to Withdraw its Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Designation and the second is to give Relief from its Carrier of Last Resort Obligation.  If the CPUC approves these requests, then ATT would be free to cease landline/DSL internet services in most rural areas of California, including Bolinas and surrounding lands. 

 Online comments and letters about these two Applications must be received before March 19 and may be sent to the CPUC by going online here: and

3. Global Action: Rotary International Peace Fellowship applications by May 31.

Background: Rotary International supports 150 Master's Degree fellowships in Peace and Conflict Resolution annually. This program is for college graduates with at least 3 post graduate years of practical experience in a field related to peace and conflict resolution. Applicants may attend one of 7 universities world wide where Masters Degree programs in peace and conflict resolution are offered. All expenses are paid by Rotary up to $84,000 per student. 

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