Bridging Bolinas

Bridging Bolinas Project Overview

Bridging Bolinas is an innovative project focused on fostering community unity, encouraging open dialogue, and promoting equity within the culturally and economically diverse community of Bolinas. Our approach is multifaceted, leveraging digital technology, in-person meetings, and printed materials to engage all residents, irrespective of their internet accessibility.

The Bolinas Civic Group (BCG) website functions as our primary communication tool, offering an unbiased platform for accurate, timely community information. However, understanding that not every resident has constant internet access, we have incorporated a robust outreach program. This program involves a dedicated team distributing printed materials, engaging residents personally, and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and involved.

In addition to the website, we host monthly community meetings both virtually and in-person. These meetings feature presentations from county officials, community leaders, and project developers, fostering an environment for civil discourse. We provide live English-Spanish translations to break down language barriers and facilitate comprehensive understanding. Bridging Bolinas actively pursues racial equity, seeking out participation from historically marginalized communities, including our Hispanic residents. We provide platforms and resources for these community members to voice their views and concerns, promoting their influence in the decision-making processes.

The anticipated outcomes of this project are manifold. By nurturing an inclusive community, we expect increased collaboration and civic participation. This will subsequently lead to a deeper understanding and acceptance of diversity, encouraging community members to take on more active roles in the projects and issues that concern them. Our initiative also strives to act as a blueprint for other communities grappling with similar issues, showcasing how technology, open dialogue, and dedicated outreach can bridge gaps and nurture unity.

Consistent with the county's equity goals, Bridging Bolinas is committed to challenging existing patterns of racism and injustice, prioritizing the voices and needs of historically excluded communities. Our aim is to cultivate a resilient community that engages deeply with its members, driving positive change and instilling a sense of civic pride. We believe that by equipping community members with resources and platforms to action their priorities, we can contribute significantly to making Bolinas a better place to live, work, learn, and play.

In the end, our objective extends beyond improving the quality of life for all Bolinas residents. We aspire to demonstrate how diverse groups can coexist, collaborate, and drive meaningful change in their communities. We believe that Bridging Bolinas can serve as a practical, replicable model for other communities facing similar challenges.

More information on the inititive coming soon. 

-Will Bartlett